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Life Vests and Whistles

Life vests must be worn while boating, it is mandatory by law, for those of 14 years or younger on the river.  They are recommended for anybody who is not a strong swimmer and again by law everybody has to have a life vest available.

Remember that a life vest needs not to just float, but it needs to be the right size to fit the person who is wearing it correctly so they can't slip out in an emergency when a boat goes over.  And of course realistically it needs to be worn if it is going to be of any use!  There are no warnings when something is going to go wrong, so a life vest nearby is a life vest of no good to anybody.

Keep the life vest on at all times to ensure proper safety.

As well as a life vest the law requires that you carry a whistle while boating on the river to be able to attraction attention if you have a problem.  A proper emergency whistle should be audible half a mile away.

When you rent a boat from Epley's then they provide the vests and whistles.

If you are floating on an inner tube then this counts as it's own floatation device and a separate vest is not required by law.

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For more information please go to the Ada County Parks & Waterways website: https://adacounty.id.gov/Parks-Waterways