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Parking at Barber Park

Parking facilities are strictly limited and during the summer peak floating season there will not be enough parking spaces.   Note that the park closely promptly at sunset and you will not be able to retrieve your car until the next day if you arrive after sunset.

Try to get a ride to the park and do not park in nearby streets.  There are  no-parking fines in residential streets near the park.

It may be possible to park on Eckert Rd to the north of the park, but be prepared for a hot walk from your car to the park in summer as many others may have this idea as well.

Consider cycling along the Boise Greenbelt Trail to make a whole day outing!

For details on parking charges please check with the county website below.

Barber Park - Unofficial Guide - Floating - Event Center - Tube Rental

For more information please go to the Ada County Parks & Waterways website: https://adacounty.id.gov/Parks-Waterways