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Tube Rental

You can bring your own Tube or Canoe etc but most people rent a tube.  The park has an agreement with Epley's Boise River Rentals. 


The people at Epley's River will also rent out Kayaks and Tubes and Rafts.  They have a wide range from your basic black Tube, which is for purchase only, not rental, through "Deluxe Tubes" which are a kind of basic raft and rent out for $12 for three hours through to a 6 person raft!

There are also inflatable Kayaks with paddles which are good for one or two people.

They also run a bus shuttle service at $3 a head which will take you back from the take out point at Ann Morrison Park all the way back to Barber Park.  The busses run every hour but only until 8PM (Mon-Thu) or 9PM (Fri and weekends).  Make sure you get back before the Barber Park closes at sundown though otherwise you won't be able to get your car out of the carpark there.

There are also free air stations within the park and you can use those to pump up any inflatable equipment that you have brought yourself.


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For more information please go to the Ada County Parks & Waterways website: https://adacounty.id.gov/Parks-Waterways